Medical Messages:

Image by Christin Hume
  1. Deep tissue & Lymph drainage: Great for toxin removal, drainage and also great for cellulite reduction. Helps your body detoxify. Paired with CBD Science & Technology. Great for people who are feeling run down or drained, need an immune booster or to clean out their systems.

  2. Biokinetics, Sports Corrective/Rehabilitative Massage: Bio, Sports Massage, working on knots and tight joints and muscles paired with CBD Science and Technology.

  3. Opiate Massage: induces a relaxed state with CBD oils (higher dosage), reduces cortisol, helps fight insomnia. Great for patients experiencing pain (Cancer patients etc etc). Consultation paired with massage session to suggest CBD supplementation to adhere to. This will get the full benefit and healing of CBD and massage.

  4. Mood Enhancer Massage: Fights the physical effects of stress, enhances the oxytocin in conjunction with the effect of the CBD infused oils and supplements. This is where our ‘aromatherapeutic’ essence will be incorporated through a scented infusion to the oil.