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It’s natural to lose facial volume and definition and gain lines & wrinkles as you age.

Dermal fillers can achieve overall beauty enhancement by contouring and balancing the profile of the face, adding volume to the lips, augmenting the cheeks, and smoothing out lines and wrinkles.

They are excellent solutions to these common signs of facial aging:

Formation of jowls

Decrease of cheek volume

Deep lines & wrinkles 

Lost volume in the lips 

Hollowness or dark circles beneath the eyes 

Noticeable nasolabial folds (lines around the mouth) 

Loss of skin elasticity and collagen

We do not believe in chasing lines. Our approach includes a full assessment of the face. We sculpt and lift, thus reducing the signs of aging and improving the structures of the face. We utilise fillers for anti aging and beautifying.

Areas of concern that can be treated are:

• Temples

• Cheekbones for a top model look

• Cheeks for more volume

• Nasolabial lines

• Melomental lines

• Submental crease

• Jowls

• Chin extension

• Jawline sculpting


* Please note we do not treat noses or foreheads.

* Each individual is different and the amount of Dermal filler used will vary.

* Many people will more than likely require more than 1ml. During your consultation this will be analysed and discussed with you.