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Side Effects of Superficial Peels and Facials
Patients may experience the following sensations and conditions during the repair/ renewal period including:
Redness (Erythema), stinging, itching, burning, tightness, minor swelling, and peeling of the superficial layer of the skin. These sensations will gradually diminish over the course of the week as the skin returns to its normal appearance.
Superficial peels may also cause peri-oral dermatitis, an acne flare, and a herpes simplex flare (particularly if no prophylactic antiviral treatments are initiated).
Some patients may experience hyper- or hypopigmentation after a superficial peel.
If these conditions are left untreated, they usually resolve themselves with time. Hyperpigmentation responses can often be remedied with the application of a skin-lightening product.
Hypopigmentation responses take longer to resolve and can be permanent. Peeling should not be repeated on patients having unresolved changes in pigmentation.
WARNING: If the peel goes too deep, potential side effects include:
Moderate to severe
erythema Epidermolysis
Post-inflammatory hyper- or hypopigmentation Blistering and Peeling
Sun sensitivity
Scabbing Risk of infection
Increased likelihood of extreme skin sensitivity Skin discomfort


1. Temporary bruising

2. Temporary swelling

Potential complications with Dermal Filers Immediate onset (24 Hours)
Injection site: (Bruising, swelling, erythema (redness)).
Disproportionate pain
Vascular complications (Skin necrosis, Blindness ((rare)), stroke and death.) Hypersensitivity
Misplacement of filler
Earliest Onset (4 Weeks)
Compromised muscle function Hypersensitivity
Misplacement of filler
Delayed Onset (After 4 Weeks)
Swelling and inflammation Hypersensitivity Misplacement of filler Tyndall effect
One of the rare but known complications of dermal fillers is something known as ‘delayed onset nodules’. This is where an immune reaction is triggered within the body, causing the filler to form hard and occasionally painful lumps. With COVID-19 being a new virus, we don’t know what effects it could cause in patients with dermal fillers yet, by signing you are acknowledging you accept a possible complication in the event you contract COVID-19 and do not hold Alt Beauty or any of its doctors liable.
Temporary bruising and/or swelling around the injected area may occur.
The product may, in very rare cases, cause temporary paralysis of the eyelid muscle (ptosis). This is REVERSIBLE and occurs in approximately 2% of patients.
Do not lie down for six hours following the injection.
No strenuous activity within 24 hours from receiving the injection.
Minimal manipulation of the site of injection, no rubbing.
Allergy to Botulinum Toxin may occur (very rare).