Dr Kanaris was trained in the USA to perform the trademarked Vampire Facial, Vampire facelift, O shot and Vampire hair rejuvenation, and is the South African trainer for these procedures. 

These procedures involve taking the patient’s own blood, which is placed in a centrifuge.

This separates the platelets from other components. The platelets are activated by using one of two methods that are natural to your body. This activation of platelets is the final step in producing your very own platelet-rich plasma. The thickening of the serum holds specific growth factors in place that call stem cells to the area and activates them to create new skin. 

PRP contains at least 8 growth factors that will over a long period of time, continually work like a rejuvenating agent.

By activating these growth factors, all 3 parts of the aging process improve: 
1. The skin color becomes a "younger" color because of new blood vessel formation. 
2. New collagen formations in the dermis lifts the face back to a more youthful shape. 
3. Because the growth factors are working to build a new dermis, the epidermis (the outer most layers of your skin) appears smoother. 

The Vampire Facial® procedure, uses a specific technique for micro-needing, followed by application of PRP. 

The Vampire Facelift® procedure involves using fillers to restore shape followed by injecting PRP below the dermis the help restore color and texture along with enhancing 
a normal shape